Imagine a drum that talks. A sculpted, ceramic chamber that sings in three voices. A piano that fits in the palm of a hand. These are the instruments of Bill Douglass and Ian Dogole, and their music is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Global Fusion is a unique blend of jazz and multicultural music forms that spans the diverse traditions of the planet.

As world cultures come closer together, there is an increasing need for music that can evoke the moods, feelings, and colors of this process....Global Fusion music.

Global Fusion honors cultures around the globe through concerts, school assemblies and classroom workshops featuring instruments as unique and spirited as the cultures that conceived them.

  • Clay pots and bamboo
  • The ocarina, a clay flute from the Andes Mountains of South America.
  • The mbira, a thumb piano from the Savannahs of East Africa.
  • The caxixi, a basket shaker from Brazil.
  • Chimes from Burma.
  • Gongs from China.
  • Native American Indian drums and an Ethopian reed flute.